Diced Salad

Growing up my parents would prepare this simple salad made from 6 vegetables, dicing everything to the exact same size (a little smaller than half-inch cubes!). That is the original way to do it.

My version changes the dicing-size and amount of each vegetable. This salad requires no dressing if the tomatoes are spectacular, otherwise salt and lemon juice work nicely; I use both every time I make it.

ingredients for 2-3 servings:
one large tomato
one large carrot
one green, red, or yellow bell pepper
five stalks of green onion
five radish bulbs
one cucumber
(optional lemon juice + salt)

peel and dice carrot into small pieces, toss into bowl
chop up the green onion finely, toss into bowl
dice tomatoes into medium size pieces, toss into bowl
dice bell pepper, toss into bowl
dice radish, toss into bowl
peel and dice cucumber into larger size pieces, toss into bowl
stir the salad vigorously for 2 minutes, bruising it well
chill in fridge covered then serve (may improve overnight!)

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